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collection of images of kids in the kitchen wearing white chef's outfits and cooking

Changing Lives from Scratch with Little Kitchen Academy

Welcome Industries was founded by educators, and we have a huge passion for hands-on learning. So when we were approached by Little Kitchen Academy co-founders Felicity and Brian Curin, who were dreaming up an ambitious new Montessori-inspired cooking school, we were all in.

Now Visual Measuring Cups are in the hands of every Little Kitchen Academy chef. Our partnership helps kids gain confidence and skills in the kitchen— and a lifelong love of healthy eating. Not to mention help making sense of math and fractions!

We're honored to join the likes of Iron Chef Cat Cora, Birkenstock, and Emeco as strategic partners of this fast-growing Montessori-inspired cooking school.

New locations are opening across the US and Canada; learn more at

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Pam Daniels standing in front of shelves in the MoMA Design Store where Visual Measuring Cups are displayed

The MoMA Design Store

We are proud to have our products carried by The MoMA Design Store. We can't imagine a trip to NYC without a stop at one of their retail locations, and it's a dream come true to be included in their collection. And they ship globally, so if you're looking to purchase our products for delivery outside of the US or Canada, check them out

MoMA was our very first retail partner. Are you our next? Drop us a line and let's talk!