A half looks like half with our award-winning kitchen tools.

What you see is what you get with our Visual Measuring Cups & Spoons.

The inspiration was a pie chart. Yup, a pie chart. Possibly the only thing ever inspired by a pie chart.

Other measuring cup sets are concentric circles and the only way to tell them apart is to read the teeny tiny labels. But not with ours!

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Tidy & Nesting

Our cups were designed with real kitchens in mind. They stack together, nest neatly, and fit in a standard drawer. 

Dishwasher Safe

Our Visual Measuring Cups and Spoons are made of high-quality Tritan. They're shatterproof, and will not crack, craze or discolor. 

Flat Rate Shipping

Order more and save! We offer flat rate shipping. It's $7 for USA, $16 to Canada, no matter how many sets you order. 

Made in USA

You can feel good about your purchase. Welcome Industries proudly manufactures our products in Chicago, a short distance from our design studio.

Smart & Fun!

Our approach to measuring tools is simple: the shape tells the size.

Our award-winning design eliminates the need for labels entirely. Instead, you can pick the right tool at a glance, or feel around the edges of each cup or spoon to tell them apart.

It's a clever way to help kids learn fractions too!

Great for Gifts

Our Visual Measuring Cups and Spoons come in spiffy blue boxes and make great gifts. Make someone's day and buy a set to give away!

Completely Compostable Packaging

Our packaging is paper-based and completely compostable. We believe in doing our part to make products that are long lasting but packaging that isn't!